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Breakfast is not just meal. It is the wondrous time of day when impossible things seems possible - the signal that the day has just begun and good things are yet to come. Doubleshot’s menu has been designed with the magic of breakfast time in mind and a good dose of nutritious flavour, catering for vegetarian, paleo, lactose-free and gluten-free diets. Give your insides a hug with one of Doubleshot’s healthy morning meals or a refreshing vegan smoothie.


Lunch is the daily checkpoint where you can sit and recharge, encouraging your body and your mind to keep going and reach the next great thing in your day. Whether you’re after a hearty, protein-filled meal or something light and fresh, Doubleshot’s energising lunch options will slay your hunger - the only danger is that few things will seem as great as that plate of goodness you were served for lunch.

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